About O' Honey

We at O’ HONEY specialize in providing raw, unfiltered, unheated, and local honey from hives in Arnaudville outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. We use sustainable beekeeping methods to promote and maintain natural, healthy hives that produce our delicious natural honey.

Beekeeping is our passion

My desire to get into the beekeeping developed because of 2 main reasons. Family and the bees themselves. I was first introduced to beekeeping by my older brothers. In 2015,  I went to watch my bothers harvest and became fascinated with the bees. Yep, I was bitten by the “bee bug”.  My brothers laughed at me and corrected me and told me that bees don’t bite…they sting.  

In 2016 with my brother’s assistance, I bought my first hive. For the next 3 years, I doubled my hives every year and in 2019 rounded it off to 10 hives and in 2021, I added a “top bar hive” to the apiary (I’m still learning about this nontraditional hive style).

The other main reason I started beekeeping and grew the number of hives I manage is simply how amazing the bees are. The fact that our whole ecosystem would collapse in 5 years if the bee populations died off, was motivation for me to want to learn more, save the bees, and do my part to grow the bee population.

In 2018, I started selling the honey to friends and a local grocery store. It hasn’t been an easy journey, I’ve lost hives for various reasons over the past few years (bees do die or leave the hive occasionally) and have considered quitting the bee business, well it really was just an expensive hobby until 2020 when I made the decision to really try to make a business out of this cool hobby. Last year, I started making and selling honey pecans (honey with pecans submerged in the honey jar) and honey/bees wax soap. This upcoming year I plan to add lip balm and hopefully a few other items (I’ll keep those a secret for now, check back in a few months for the unveiling)  to my product line. 

Importance of bees in our ecosystem

For millions of years honey bees have been major pollinators of all types of vegetation. The Honey bees help with pollination of plants by unwittingly transferring pollen from one flower or plant to anther. Honey bees species are found worldwide and can be seen in many different locations, including Europe and the United States. They are most active in the summer and late spring. 

Honey bees are important to our everyday lives because without them many of our everyday crops would die or not produce fruits and vegetables without their help.

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